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Melbourne is growing rapidly, with a projected population of up to 7.7 million by 2051 requiring construction of up to 1.6 million new homes and creation of 1.7 million jobs. The scale of this expected growth requires vision and strategic long term planning to identify land for businesses, homes, transport links and open space for parks and sports facilities, while protecting our built form and biodiversity sites.

The Metropolitan Planning Authority was founded in 2006 to plan for Melbourne’s growth, maintain a steady supply of quality housing and identify opportunities to create jobs and encourage investment to make sure Melbourne continues to be rated as one of the world’s most liveable cities. We work closely with Councils and local communities, other government agencies, landowners and developers to plan for strategically important precincts in inner and middle ring Melbourne, the growth areas and regional cities.


Planning for active and healthy communities

Planning and urban design have a key role in fostering active and healthy communities. The MPA’s planning program has a...

Electronic Newsletter 53

The MPA latest: Fishermans Bend, East Werribee, middle ring planning, boulevards and other issues   Dear Colleague   Fishermans Bend...

Electronic Newsletter 52

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