East Werribee Employment Precinct

Update on tenders process

23 September 2014

Data files are available in the zip folder below to assist with the Request for Expressions of Interest process. Files are available in various formats, including CAD and MapInfo.

EWEP_Sub Precincts


Status: Request for Expressions of Interest in Major Development Parcel

The Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA) seeks expressions of interest to develop the major component of the new East Werribee precinct.

The market offering totals approximately 400ha (gross) in one of Australia’s fastest growing areas and one of Melbourne’s six national employment clusters. This major development parcel includes the planned East Werribee town centre based around a central lake and heritage park setting, surrounding commercial areas, and substantial areas for high quality residential development.

As part of this process, the Government seeks proposals from the property industry to either enter a development partnership or purchase the land outright to develop the first stage of the East Werribee Employment Precinct, which has been planned to provide commercial opportunities to create 58,000 jobs and 7000 new homes.

Mixed use development is planned for the site comprising approximately:

– 142ha for retail / office / apartments and industrial
– 135ha designated for residential development
– 123ha non developable.

Request for EOI

East Werribee Major Development Parcel animation

More information about the Request for Expressions of Interest is available on the Victorian Government Tenders website 

Expressions of Interest submissions should be lodged at the Metropolitan Planning Authority – Level 29, 35 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000. Submissions will be accepted until 3pm on 16 July 2014.


PSP Completed

The East Werribee Employment Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) was completed in October 2013. This precinct includes a full diamond freeway interchange at Sneydes Road, as well as significant arterial road upgrades.

East Werribee – A Model 21st century city

East Werribee fly through

Wyndham City Council business investment page

Werribee City Scene – Spring 2013

PSP39 East Werribee Employment Precinct PSP_June 2014 Amendment

East Werribee Development Contributions Plan

East Werribee Native Vegetation Precinct Plan

Amendment C179 to the Wyndham Planning Scheme


The East Werribee Employment Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) will guide the development of a mixed use precinct that will create opportunities for 58,300 local jobs and 7100 new homes, key infrastructure, advanced integrated water cycle management, sports facilities, and local parks.

The Metropolitan Planning Authority (formerly the Growth Areas Authority) prepared the East Werribee Employment PSP in consultation with the Wyndham City Council, Government agencies and service authorities.

Land covered by the PSP, which is owned by the State Government, has been used for agriculture and research for 100 years. It will be developed into a commercial precinct, a new town centre, health and learning precinct, enterprise precinct and a business precinct, as well as providing new homes to support this employment.

The precinct will have excellent freeway access and provide a wide range of retail and employment options, while the planned Point Cook South West and Wattle Avenue residential communities outlined in the masterplan will include a variety of housing types and facilities.


Background reports


Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Report Andrew Long May 2009

European Cultural Heritage Report Lovell Chen March 2009

East Werribee traffic modelling and SIDRA analysis



Targeted Flora and Fauna Surveys for EWEP – Ecology Partners for VicUrban – April 2010

Additional vegetation assessment for WEP – Ecology Partners for GAA & DPCD – 10 December 2010

Integrated Water Cycle Management

Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy – Bonacci – Feb 2010
Development Services Scheme – Melbourne Water
Analysis of stormwater management – Urban Water Cycle Solutions – FINAL – March 2013


Environmental Site Assessment Phase 1 Report Compass Environmental – March 2009 – TEXT
Environmental Site Assessment Phase 1 Report Compass Environmental – March 2009 – FIGURES – Pages 46 to 50
Environmental Site Assessment Phase 1 Report Compass Environmental – March 2009 – FIGURES – Pages 51 to 53
Environmental Site Assessment Phase 1 Report Compass Environmental – March 2009 – FIGURES – Pages 54 to 56

Environmental Site Assessment Scoping Advice for Phase 2 – Coffey – July 2010


Existing Services Report Final Arup June 2009 – TEXT
Existing Services Report Final Arup June 2009 – APPENDIX A



Geotechnical Prelminary Assessment Final Report GeoAust April 2009


Background material

List of amendments