Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs)

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Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) are master plans for whole communities which usually cater for between 10,000 to 30,000 people. Precinct structure planning is fundamental to making Victoria’s growth areas great places to live, both today and for future generations. PSPs lay out the general locations for roads, shopping centres, schools, parks, key transport connections and and areas for housing and employment. PSPs resolve the complex issues of biodiversity, cultural heritage, infrastructure provision and council infrastructure contributions charges.

The development of greenfield sites, along with urban consolidation, is an important part of the State Government’s strategy to address population growth and the housing and employment demands that flow from this.

PSPs are the “blueprint” for development and investment that will occur over many years. They provide an up to date approach to address current global issues such as adapting to climate change, reducing carbon emissions, rising living costs and pressures of increasing travel distances as our cities grow. PSPs provide a balance between meeting complex policy requirements and providing affordable development.

Our goal is to create diverse, compact and well connected communities that are affordable and rich in local jobs, transport access, services and culture. We must also protect our valuable natural and historic features and use land more efficiently.

PSPs can be prepared by the MPA or Council and funded by Council, landowners and developers, the MPA (with funding provided by the Victorian Government) or other agencies directed to do so by the Minister for Planning. In all cases the process will require the active involvement of land owners, developers, service and infrastructure providers and Councils.

With the incorporation of new areas in the Urban Growth Boundary, the MPA set out preliminary boundaries and interim names for the PSP program. It should be noted that these may be subject to change from time to time depending on changing circumstances.

Any enquiries on the program can be made in the first instance to the MPA.

Unlocking land and creating supply – Completion of the Precinct Structure Plan program

The MPA intends to progress the completion of all PSPs contained in its program in accordance with available resources. It should be remembered that the development of the growth areas is a 20 year program.

Not all PSPs can be undertaken at the same time and a program of PSP preparation that supports housing affordability, early identification of key infrastructure and social cohesion needs to be in place.

The current status of the PSP program, including the PSPs currently being progressed, is shown in the webmap.

The PSPs being progressed have been assessed in light of the factors relating to the status of work already progressed on that PSP, logical extension of Melbourne’s development, infrastructure extension, any constraints of fragmentation, supporting town centres, resource support and available land supply.

The assessment of priorities has been reliant on current information. New or updated information may result in updated priorities and therefore, the actual sequence of the planning of land may vary from the proposed sequence. The PSP program is required to be flexible, as the situation of an individual PSP or land can alter and this may impact on the timing of PSP activity and/or completion. Accordingly, the MPA advises that the completion of an individual PSP may take a greater or lesser time than anticipated.